Monday, June 16, 2008



ehehe..i'm creating a new blog again!..
dis is my 1...;2...+3...&4...&5..the fifth blog!
the 1st one je yg sy publish to every1 & dulu quite popular! hee pasan..
then 2nd one kat fwenster..tulis 2-3 entry..,
3rd one sy sendiri x igt..rasanya msn punye!..yeahh..
4th yg terbaru b4 dis..nobody knows the blog..
n latest is dis one.. i wish i'll publish dis to frens tp ntah!..
cuz d main purpose is not to let every1 know everythings 'bout my life but just to...ermm like "share" with 'you' ..& i expect 'you' r any1 dat do not know myself..i mean (strangers)..hehe

ok tau x? when pipel blogging..writes sumting in their blog.. then frens read..orrr any1 who know the writer..they will say., 1. "poyonyeee die ni!!" ; 2. "btol ke die ni mcm ni" ; 3. "hey perluke bgtau sume ni kat org??" 4. "eeee pasannyyeee die niii..menyampah!" 5. "hey u shud make a book la wei.." ..n mcm2 lg cuz i did too..haha dats y i dun wan pipel who know me to read mine! tp kalo x u guys.,sape nk baca sy bebel hari2 kan? ehehe..

i'll start writin' tomorroe..

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