Friday, June 12, 2009

June,4 guy

a week ago ~4th june was my beloved one birthday
i wanted to write sumting here but i dun hv time..:(
so now hepi belated birthday dear..
of cos i dh wish pun but i hvnt celebrate preparation for the birthday.,i didnt buy present..bad me :(
again,,i dun hv time.huwaa..4th june i was at Langkawi meeting & bla3..(wahhh me seperti bussyyy woman..#:-s..)

well..about 10months stay under the same roof, i learn many things from gemini guy.. gemini guy is so teliti in whatever they do,teliti in choosing something, & is so very teliti in planning & yes a good implementer too.he is a good manager.he is my leader.from the smallll small things they do to the biggest things,veryyy "jitu" hehe..
like sometimes., he like to susun everythings in dis home.-susun buku2;susun magz;susun cawan kecik& whutknot & i like the susunan very much. always look rapi .,cumell ..hehe.
big things like..nak beli sumting big la..mmg very teliti la.not like 'cancer' always make a quick decision without thinking.**cancer refer to me :-??
but sometimes not good jugak la becuz they are very hard in making decision.

ok..lagi about gemini..,i think in their mind always hv negative thinking make them very him.,alwayss think "dat guy & dat guy want to do sumting bad to him"
-"ohhh that person try to menipooo"-& mcm2 lah which i think tak pon...hehe

gemini guy is very concern bout himself.sangat risau dgn keadaan diri.gemok la;not good la;mcm2..& yess concern about his partner jugak.
gemini guy very sensitive & sometimes too emotional;

gemini guy is very understanding..(versi memuji sket ;p).. he know when i'm tired.,he never said NO if i said i dun want to cook today;i nak makan kat luar;i nk mkn mcd;i nk mkn nasi goreng mamak;
i nk pegi jalan2 today so i xnak masak;..he wont say tak boleh.he will say jum lah...hihi dats good for me. when i said i am so tired.,pls tlg basuh pinggan or tlg basuh baju & sidai baju;tlg vacuum;
he wont do..haha..but when i wake up from sleep.,everything done.hihi seronok. but of cos la im not taking advantage of that just dat sumtimes i need help rite...=D

gemini guy quite garang..die sgt marah when sumone try to fight with him..especially his wife la kan. tambah2 lg if mmg die yg betul :p

last but not least; gemini guy is sooo very loving & caring.upss that is not gemini.that is every man will always be 'loving n caring' to his wife.of course.

well i think enough for me to write bout gemini guy.i love my gemini guy so much:"> .. next 2 weeks will be my day plak.. i am cancer. i'll write bout me plak.boley tak..hehe

thank you very much for reading.


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