Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tatta 2oo8 !

i was browsing a few blogs this week since i did nuthing in the office..everyone are enjoying their year-end holiday & me - oredi finished my cuti last 4months haha.. so i see this entry in everyone's blog..sumting like tatta 2008 hello 2009, gud bye 2oo8 hye 2oo9....orr 2008,pls find mine ~


*i started teaching @ Mawar Tuition Center where i only get paid rm20 on dat month.hihi.
*salary increament at ATC


*my 1st month as a single gurl to work in ATC.
*my engagement day on 9th :">
*started to cycle to the office :'(


*my 1st step to get driving licence (which i didnt get until now!) i registered my name with metro driving.
*this month got more & more of classes & im getting xcited with my part time job(teaching)


*i went to my 2nd interview(1st is at ATC) @ menara TM. it's for HSBB new intake. it's hard to take a leave at ATC so i planned to get mc but on d day itself i got FLU! & i got a real mc.haha
*my mum's birthday on 27th.


*lucky i got new job @ tm which i never hope. but i'm hepi cuz i rilly wanna leave ATC so i dun care where & how much my new job will pay me.
*we started to browse for our 'brg hantaran'
* he 2nd time went to my house @ perlis (1st was during d engagement)


*dis is my fave month. it's our birthday. him on 4th & me on 26th. i gv him baju & cupcakes & card ;p & he gv me book & princess & card ;p
*we went to kursus kahwin @ pusat bdr damansara
*we started to get our brg hantaran.
*my last month @ ATC
*i completed my driving classes (until now i havent take my test yet.haha)


*started dis month with HSBB training @ mmc Taiping for 2 weeks..enjoying it but was missing him a lot.hee haa..
*week 3 come back to KL & started working @ DDN. met new friends. quite blurr with dis new job.didnt learn much dis month.


*yes it's a very BIG month to me. my BIG day on 17th & also our anniversary.hihi.the reception was sederhana & quite simple hehe..
*already went to a meeting after 2days honeymoon!
*my new life begins


*we moved & started to live together :">
*it's a ramadhan & our 1st "sahur&bbuka" together as a married couple ;p


*our 1st raya together & we celebrated @ my kampung -perlis & a week after still enjoying the raya with his family @ kl
*the 1st month he left me alone at home when he went to labuan & me soo soo :(
*i started to be a busy woman @ work..started outstation there & there too


*DDN family day @ Sunggai Congkak, Hulu langat.hehe..

*dekda & kozi lepak2 @ my haus..enjoy!


*month begins with Hari raya Haji & we celebrated it at his kampung- Kuantan.

*becus there was a meeting @ Alor Star, i had a chance to celebrate saki baki raya haji at perlis too..hehe.besides, i got chances to attend my neighbour's wed & my fren's wed on 13th & 14th.

*my sis & kazen join us back to kl & we went to malacca for his fren's wed(hepi wedding to qama & sorryy for not coming :(..huhu ). & i met my AA at mph MP hehe..we went to eye on msia which is ok ok je haha..back to kl the next day

*my aunt join lepakking @ my haus. they were there for 2weeks.
*enjoying badminton & ice skating & shopping with them last weekend.
*send them back yesterday.. tq for coming & pls come again.weee..
*that's the end of 2oo8..

welcome 2oo9...

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kak maz said...

salam aienull,

nampak lain aa skang.. hehehe..
selamat menyambut tahun baru.. semoga berbahagia selamanya, insyaAllah..